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Level 2 - Wheel Throwing Functional Basics

Level 2 - Wheel Throwing Functional Basics

Prerequisites:  Level 1- Wheel Throwing Foundations, or, previous experience with clay.  It is expected that students understand how to wedge clay, and to center clay on the wheel, although they may not be proficient yet.  Students should have some ability to pull a wall up.  Students with no prior clay experience may struggle in this class.

This class is where the potter can learn to throw, trim, and glaze the three main shapes of pottery.  This class is intended for anyone who wants to hone their skills with throwing mugs, bowls and small plates.  

Classes are three hours in length and run for six weeks.  Total class time is 18 hours. 

Practice time:  Students will have 24/7 access to the studio.  Students will be able to use the classroom wheels when a class is not in session.  Please refer to the Classroom Calendar for further information.  Students will need to provide their own tools if practicing outside of class time.

Class fees include instruction time and use of our tools during class time.  

Additional Costs:

Clay - all clay must be purchased from us.  The cost of clay is not marked up from the price we pay from Ceramics Canada.  Clay is purchased from Fired Clay so that we can control the clay types that are fired in our kilns.  It also saves you a trip out to Ceramics Canada.  An 11lb bag of clay is approximately $17.00 plus tax.

Firing Fees:  there is an additional cost to fire your pots.  Firing fees are per piece and include the cost of studio glazes, bisque firing, and final glaze firings.  

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