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Level 3 - Wheel Throwing Intermediate Skill Building

Level 3 - Wheel Throwing Intermediate Skill Building

Prerequisites:   Students must be able to confidently pull an even-walled cylinder 75% of the time.

This class is for those who are ready to level up their clay designs and develop more advanced forms.  The class will be based somewhat on student skill level and interest but topics may include:  working with larger amounts of clay (5+ lbs), more complicated forms such as lidded jars, serving pieces such as large bowls and platters, how to throw to a gauge or more uniformly.  More in depth consideration will be give to item design.

Class fees include instruction time and use of our tools, however we highly recommend students have their own set of tools including calipers and upgraded trimming tools. 

Practice time:  Students will have 24/7 access to the studio and will be able to use the classroom wheels when a class is not in session.  Please refer to the Classroom Calendar for further information. 

Additional Costs:

Clay - all clay must be purchased from us.  The cost of clay is not marked up from the price we pay from Ceramics Canada.  Clay is purchased from Fired Clay so that we can control the clay types that are fired in our kilns.  It also saves you a trip out to Ceramics Canada.

Firing Fees:  there is an additional cost to fire your pots.  Firing fees are per piece include the cost of studio glazes, bisque firing, and final glaze firings.  

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